Friday, 13 May 2016


Hey there. I'm EvilStudMuffin, and this is my blog thing. I was going to use Wordpress but my FTP stopped working and I gave up. I do have a Tumblr, but that site has a pretty cancerous user base so I'd prefer to stray away from that crowd, and besides, I think it's a pretty ugly website. That's how I ended up using Blogger - limited in themes, design options, and looks pretty ugly, but at least it's easy enough for hipster stupids like me to navigate, right?

So I guess this is the bit where I tell you stuff about myself. I'm sixteen years old, I'm from England (with mixed West European ancestry, yay), and I'm a pretty big fan of (pirate) booty. What I do in my spare time is wasting my life playing video games, listen to music and doing random stuff on the internet (I'm not sure watching YouTube videos and browsing Reddit posts is 'random stuff', but whatever). I figured I'd use some time of that time semi-productively and write stuff down - I have a lot to say, and usually have nowhere to say it. For example, I could go make a multi-paragraph post on how much of an actual spaz I am. I'm sure that's completely interesting for people and will make me a complete internet legend.

I got the idea of making a blog type thingy in around February this year to document my totally cool revision habits and then post about how good I did in my exams months later. Stuff came up, and I didn't start revision until April (good job me, leaving it until a month before your exams!). More stuff has come up over the last few weeks and I've done what is probably a minimal amount compared to everybody else I know due to an extreme lack of motivation to do anything at all. My stress levels have come to a boiling point now, and I just need a place to write my thoughts down. I guess this'll be, for now, a blog about how hard I failed my GCSEs, or winged and magically succeeded in them. I guess I'll find out in August. For now, I actually have to do them over the next month. Posts could get interesting if I don't abandon this in two weeks.

I guess it'll be fun to see one dude's misguided journey through life that, as of yet, doesn't have a very clear destination. In fact, I'll be surprised if I actually find that destination before I die. When I trip and fall out of my parent's loft (being a squatter could be fun) in ten year's time because I left a lego brick lying around in it, I'll have a sudden epiphany of where I want to go in life. Then it'll be too late because I'll fatally injure myself on the way down (I don't care if the drop is around seven foot, I'm a lanky... thing).

I guess I'll see whoever wants to waste their time reading my stuff around, then?

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