Monday, 16 May 2016

I missed an exam.

I woke up this morning and got dressed, brushed my teeth, put my jacket on, and got my bag ready. I collected my pens off the side of my dresser and put them in my pockets. "I'm so ready for these exams", I had thought to myself, still euphoric and adrenaline-pumped from the events that had occurred last night. How wrong of me.

It turns out, no, I wasn't ready for these exams. I walked into the exam hall, unsure of where I was actually supposed to be sitting: the board outside of the exam hall hadn't been updated yet and I'd forgotten my exam timetable somewhere. Luckily, they'd put a name tag on the desk with my face, name, and candidate number on it. I sat down, put my water bottle on the floor, slid my glasses onto my face, and got my black pen out. 'I'm so ready', I'd told myself. "Start", the invidulator said a few short minutes later.

And before I knew it, he was telling the normal time students they could leave. I'd been scribbling away at my page for two hours now - surely, I'm almost done? I never use my extra time, I complete the papers under the two hours I need and I get Bs in this subject. I checked the thickness of the pages left. Thank God, it didn't feel like too much. I was halfway through the last question when he said "one minute left", I noticed a face shining through the other side of the paper - I turned the page, and my heart sank into my stomach. There was an entire unit left to do. "Time's up", he said calmly to the three of us left in there. He swaggered over to my table and picked up my paper while I was thinking 'what the hell have I just done for these two and a half hours?'. "Did it go okay?", he asked me. I looked up and picked my water bottle up, and proceeded to rise to my feet. "Yeah", I choked, and walked away to go put my jacket on and collect my bag. I walked out of the exam hall with my overconfidence I'd walked in there with completely and totally shattered.

I went to third period like I'd usually do on a Monday. I noticed somebody in my leisure and tourism class wasn't there. I asked where he was - 'oh, he's resitting an exam'. I thought I heard that, at least. My suspicions that the next exam was at 11:30AM and not 1:30PM like I first thought were quashed. When I actually went to the exam hall at that time, nobody was there. Both exam halls were totally empty. 'Maybe it's next lesson, then?', I thought. Long story cut short, it wasn't. It had been an hour earlier, and the person who said 'he's resitting an exam' had actually said 'he's sitting an exam'. An exam I was supposed to be there for.

I was gobsmacked. I walked into next lesson, unsure of what to do. Do I tell my Chemistry teacher I have that lesson, who is also my head of year? I decided on not doing it. I let somebody else in my class walk in before me. "How did your BTEC go?", the head of year asked to him. My heart sank deeper than it already had this morning. I'd missed an exam. And now, I have no idea what to do. Do I bring this up to anyone besides my parents - who are stunned that I've managed to do this, or do I save my self-respect and open my exam results envelope in August and keep the little 'N/A' on that exam result private? These are the questions that have messed my whole day up.


  1. So, if you miss an exam without telling before-hand... you actually can't resit it? That's so bad... ; - ;
    I had the time wrong for a test once, but realised when I couldn't find anybody in my class. I entered the room 15 minutes late, but was still allowed in, luckily. With 15 minutes less time of course, but at least I had a chance still.

    1. Nope, we can't resit it. There's too high of a chance that somebody would have told me the questions on the paper and I can go look the answers up when I get home. Besides, the paper isn't that important - I'm pretty sure I can pass this course even without it, I just need to work harder on my coursework and it's only a leisure and tourism BTEC - where I'd like to go in life, even if I get the qualification, it's irrelevant and not useful at all.